Shelter animals are available for adoption by responsible pet owners with guidance from shelter personnel to insure a mutually-appropriate match is made. We receive approximately 20 to 40 different animals every day so we urge you to visit us periodically. We display photos and descriptions of some of our featured pets on

Check the “Daily Record” section of the Topeka Capital-Journal for a list of all animals admitted to HHHS. Monday publications feature a “Pet of the Week” ad. Our pets appear on WIBW TV-Channel 13 every Tuesday morning from 6-7:30 am on “13 This Morning.” WIBW also tapes weekly public service announcements featuring pets available for adoption that air throughout the week at various times. Volunteers showcase adoptable pets at many different locations in the community. Check our calendar for upcoming mobile adoption events.

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Stray Animals
Stray animals received at Helping Hands Humane Society are sheltered for a minimum of three full days (not including the day they arrive) to give owners a chance to reclaim them before they begin the process of going up for adoption. People bringing strays to HHHS from outside of Shawnee County will be charged a fee. The fee is payable to HHHS either with cash or credit card. The fee is $20 per individual animal or $20 per litter of animals (litter consists of 3+ siblings under 4 months of age – age will be determined by HHHS Admissions staff). People finding pets outside of Shawnee County are encouraged to take the pet to their community animal shelter or veterinarian before bringing to HHHS.

If the stray animal is wearing an I.D. tag or has a microchip implant, every effort will be made to contact the owner. If a pet is not reclaimed by its owner, it may become a candidate for adoption. To recover some of our operating expenses, the owner of a lost pet is required to pay a $20-$30 return-to-owner fee.

If you find a sick/injured animal during times HHHS is closed and the animal is within the city limits of Topeka:
1) A city resident must call dispatch at 368-9203 to report they are holding a sick or injured animal.
2) Dispatch will send a police officer to the residence to verify the animal is sick or injured. If the officer feels the animal is sick/injured, they will make arrangements for transportation of the animal to HHHS.

HHHS Hours of Operation – Admissions
Monday – Saturday: 9:30am to 6pm
Sunday: 9:30am to 5pm


Lost a Pet?
Call HHHS at 785.233.7325 to complete a lost report. Visit the shelter every day and walk through the kennels. This is extremely important because no one knows your pet better than you do. The description you give over the telephone may vary from the description that someone else would provide. It is helpful to leave a current photo of your pet with the staff.

Monitor the “Daily Record” section of the Topeka Capital-Journal for a list of animals admitted to HHHS.

Alert your veterinarian in case a good Samaritan delivers your pet there.

Contact Animal Control with a description of your pet, details of when and where the pet was lost, and a phone number to contact you.

Post flyers in your neighborhood and place a lost ad in the newspaper. Consider offering a reward.

For more information on lost pets, please visit The Center for Lost Pets.

Found a Pet?
If you would like to house the pet yourself, call Helping Hands Humane Society at 785.233.7325 and leave a found report on file with our staff in case the pet’s owner contacts us.

If you cannot house the animal, please bring it to shelter located at 5720 SW 21st Street. If you are unable to transport the animal, please call Animal Control for assistance. Within the city limits of Topeka, call 785.368.9203. For Shawnee County, call 785.368.2200.

For more information on found pets, please visit The Center for Lost Pets.

As part of our mission to protect the animals we do offer Microchipping to the public. Microchips are inserted underneath the skin, between the shoulder blades using an injection. This identification cannot be lost. You may bring your pet to the Admission entrance located on the East side of the building daily between 11-5:30 pm. The cost for this procedure is $40. HHHS will register the Microchip to the pet owner. You will be required to fill out information pertaining to you and your pet. Microchipping is a fairly quick procedure, but please allow 15 minutes for the procedure.

Surrendering a Pet

Helping Hands Humane Society has an open door policy, and we accept companion pets in need of sanctuary. Relinquished pets or stray animals may be brought to the Admissions/Lost and Found Department, and if possible, we highly encourage you to call us first at 785-233-7325 and make an appointment to bring the animal in so you won’t need to wait in line when you arrive. No fee is charged to county residents for surrendering an animal. Donations are greatly appreciated, but not mandatory. We use donations to help offset the cost of providing care for the animal. When relinquishing a pet, we do ask that a profile be completed that will provide potential adopters with personality and health information. We make every effort to adopt all animals that come into the shelter. However, we cannot guarantee the adoption of any animal because we are dealing with the societal problem of extreme pet over-population.
Animals surrendered by owners outside of Shawnee County will be charged a fee at time of surrender. The fee is payable to HHHS either with cash or credit card. The fee is $20 per individual animal or $20 per litter of animals (litter consists of 3+ siblings under 4 months of age – age will be determined by HHHS Admissions staff). People surrendering pets from outside of Shawnee County are encouraged to take the pet to their community animal shelter before bringing to HHHS.

Surrendering a Dog     Surrendering a Cat

Community Education
Helping Hands Humane Society is committed to educating children and adults about the issues of pet overpopulation, spaying and neutering, neglect and cruelty, responsible pet care and bite prevention. We have a variety of informational pamphlets and fliers regarding responsible pet care that are available to the public.
We welcome tours to our facility, please contact or to schedule a tour for your group. Staff members are available to make presentations to school classes or civic organizations. If you are interested in booking a speaker, please call Justin Brokar at 785.233.7325. A months notice prior to the event would be appreciated.
HHHS Works with Rescue Groups
Approximately 25 to 30 percent of the animals we receive at HHHS are purebred dogs and cats. Many of them are adopted but senior pets and those with health or behavior issues are often left behind. Each animal’s temperament, health and age are screened to determine if they are adoptable. If they are not a candidate for adoption, rescue might be an option. Margaret, an employee of HHHS, coordinates our rescue program for those hard-to-place pets. You can email  for more information.

Helping Hands Humane Society currently works with 25 or more different rescue groups to place some of these pets. Rescues have been formed for nearly every breed. Many rescue people are volunteers that rescue animals out of shelters and place them within their network of foster homes until a permanent home can be found. Rescues keep pets longer than shelters and can provide the necessary medical care, socialization and training for successful placement. The relationships we have fostered with these groups have allowed us to save many more lives!