How To Become A Foster

Foster Care

Foster Orientations will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday monthly. Reservations can be made here to attend class. You must make a reservation to attend this class. Thank you.

We are looking for good people willing to open both their homes and their hearts to help some of our animals in need of extra TLC before being placed for adoption. Some of these animals may simply need a quiet place to recuperate from an injury or illness, some may be mothers nursing their litters and some may just need extra socialization. Pets considered for foster care also include adoptable pets waiting for a permanent home. Above all, they all need a lot of love and support from anyone willing to give it to them!

A foster parent provides a temporary home for one of our animals. The length of stay varies with each animal, as does the reason they are in need of foster care. The care and love received during this short time is vital to the animal’s overall well-being.

All foster parents must be licensed by the Kansas State Department of Animal Health. HHHS will provide all food and supplies necessary, such as crates, bowls, etc. If the animal requires medical attention we will make arrangements with you to make sure the animal’s needs are met.

We are also in need of short-term foster care (2-3 weeks) for puppies and kittens. Some of our animals are in need of a short-term home until they can be transferred to other shelters or rescue groups.

You may be unable to foster in your home, but are willing to help through a financial donation to the HHHS Foster Program. Your contribution will help cover medical expenses, including spaying and neutering and it will assist is in getting the foster pet adopted. We greatly appreciate your support for this program.

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If you are interested in becoming a foster family for Helping Hands, or have questions about donating to animals currently in foster care, please contact Jenna Petesch, the Foster Care Coordinator, at 785.233.7325 ext 121 or by email at