Volunteer Advisory Council

Volunteer Advisory Council (VAC)

The objective of the council will be to report to the Volunteer Coordinator fundraising ideas, volunteer concerns, and ideas for improving events and volunteering. The VAC is dedicated to ensuring volunteers have a good experience at HHHS while ensuring the needs of HHHS are met through the volunteer efforts.
The role of the council will be to enhance the volunteer experience, focus on the role of the volunteer, improve the public image of HHHS, recruit more volunteers and increase volunteer retention, increase the overall volunteer hours, listen to the needs of volunteers, and train volunteers.

The council will help with the following volunteer program activities:
Mentor program, volunteer scheduling, Dog Walking, Dog Bathing, communication for volunteers, event staffing, fundraising, special events, volunteer appreciation, volunteer continued educations, etc.

More questions?
Email the council at hhhsvac@gmail.com

VAC members are determined by:
1. Be an active volunteer.
2. Be nominated by a VAC member.
3. Be approved by a majority of the VAC.
4. Nominee must also be supported by Volunteer Coordinator, Director of Business Affairs and the Executive Director.
Note: The VAC may recruit volunteers to support VAC projects or sub-committees.

The VAC meets monthly and holds an open forum for all volunteers twice a year in January and June.