I lost a Pet

What do I do now?

Please call us right away at 785-233-7325
and ask for Admissions Lost & Found. We
also encourage you to come to our shelter
at 5720 SW 21st St in Topeka, KS as soon as
possible to check for your pet in person.

What to do next…

Update Microchip Information

If your pet is microchipped, contact the company it is registered with to ensure your contact information is current and accurate. Some companies even have lost pet alerts they will send out for you or other resources to help get your pet safety home.

Check Local Lost & Found Facebook Groups

Search on Facebook for Lost and Found Pets plus your town or county name. There are many active groups out there happy to share your lost pet posts with community members actively posting pictures and details about stray animals they spot around town. You will have a whole village behind you in minutes! Our Admissions team also checks these groups.

Don’t Lose Hope

Taking action quickly and doing everything you can to find your pet gives you a great chance at being reunited! Let’s work together to get your friend back to you.

Did You Know

1 out of every 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lifetime. Having your pet microchipped with updated contact information plus a physical identification tag on a collar gives you the best chance to get them back home!

Our Admissions Counselors are happy to show you pictures of incoming stray animals when you come to our Admissions lobby (east side of the building behind the Kwik Shop). 9:30am-6pm Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm Sun

Legally we must hold stray animals for 3 full days before moving them along the process through our shelter toward foster, rescue, or adoption. You have the best chance of reclaiming your pet if you act fast and contact us right away.

Proof of Ownership Required

to reclaim your lost pet. Please bring your ID with you when you come to our Admissions Lost & Found lobby as well as any pictures you have of your pet on your phone and/or vet records or other proof of ownership.

Get in Touch By Phone Or email

Our Admissions Counselors can walk you through the process of filing a lost report with us and/or reclaiming your pet from our shelter.


(785) 233-7325