Donate a Kuranda

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Dog Kuranda Beds
Kuranda beds are an excellent comfort resource for shelter dogs.  The beds allow dogs to rest comfortably off of the often cold, hard floors of shelters.  The beds support all dogs including the extra large and can support multiple dogs or litters all at a time.  Kurandas are durable, chewproof and easy to clean and maintain.  They are perfect for a shelter environment!  Please help make life easier for shelter dogs and donate a canine Kuranda bed.Donate a Dog Kuranda Bed Today!

Cat Kuranda Beds
Kuranda beds help ease a cat’s transition into shelter life by providing them a cozy and inviting place to rest off of the floor of their kennel.  The beds take advantage of narrow cat kennels by utilizing the open space and providing cats another level to explore.  Shy cats find sanctuary in the comfortable nook the bed provides while outgoing kitties enjoy the exercise the beds can offer.  Please help make life easier for shelter cats and donate a kitty Kuranda bed.