I Found a Pet

What do I do now?

Please call us at 785-233-7325 to file a found report.
We want to get that lost pet back home!

What to do next…

Stay safe! Consider if you should leave the pet where you found it…

This may sound strange, but especially for cats and kittens found outdoors, they have a better chance of returning home if they are left where you found them rather than displaced at our shelter. Many people have indoor/outdoor cats who roam and know how to get back home. Some cats are community cats who always live outside (Look for a tipped ear – an ear missing the very tip! These cats have been fixed and live outdoors; they are often feral.). See the video below for tips on kittens.

Get it scanned for a microchip!

Any shelter or vet’s office should have a microchip scanner and be able to scan a stray animal for a chip. If it does have a chip, HHHS or wherever you’ve taken the animal should be able to contact the microchip company to get the connected owner contact information. Cross your paws that the information is up to date and we get in touch with the owner ASAP!

Care for the Pet or Bring it to us

If you’d like to care for a stray animal in your own home as we search for the owner, please make sure you submit a found report with us and keep your eyes peeled for the owner in local Lost & Found Facebook groups. If you are no longer able to house the animal at any time, you can bring it to Helping Hands. We are an open admission shelter, and part of our mission is to provide shelter and care for all lost pets who need it.

Did You Know

1 out of every 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lifetime. Having a found pet scanned for a microchip gives them the best chance to get back home!

Admissions Counselors are happy to help – our Admissions lobby (east side of the building behind the Kwik Shop). 9:30am-6pm Mon-Sat 9:30am-5pm Sun

Legally we must hold stray animals for 3 full days before moving them along the process through our shelter toward foster, rescue, or adoption.

Proof of Ownership Required

when reclaiming a lost pet. Rest assured we will provide shelter, food, water, and care to the pets under our roof and do our best to return them safely to their families. If they are not reclaimed, we work to provide the best possible outcome for each animal based on their needs.

Get in Touch By Phone or Email

Our Admissions Counselors can walk you through the process of filing a lost report with us and/or reclaiming your pet from our shelter.


(785) 233-7325