As we receive approximately 10 – 20 new animals everyday, all the pets that are available for adoption may not be shown yet, and some may no longer be available for adoption. These pictures are updated daily. Stray animals are held for three days not to include the day they arrive at the shelter. Those animals will not be listed here. If you have lost your pet and would like to check if it has been delivered to HHHS, please call 785-233-7325 with a description of your animal.  We would also encourage you to email a picture of your pet to  to help us best match your description with your animal.  We will do everything we can to reunite you and your lost pet.

Keep in mind email responses may not occur within 48 hours. Your questions are very important to us. For faster service please feel free to contact us by phone during regular business hours. 785-233-7325.