Our adoption fees are as follows*

8 weeks to 4 months:  $250
5 months to 6 years:   $150
7 years +:                    $75
High Profile Pets:        $250+

8 weeks to 4 months:  $100
5 months to 6 years:   $50
7 years +:                    $25
High Profile Pets:        $125+
Barn Cats                     $5

*Fees may vary at the discretion of the Adoption Manager

High Profile Pets

Attaching higher fees for some of our puppies and dogs gives us additional resources to provide extra help to other animals—those that may require unusually extensive medical treatment, orthopedic or other surgeries and extended care, and even more. Meanwhile, we can continue to provide our standard top-quality care and support to those animals in need of more routine medical care, socialization, behavior training, foster care, or that may just require a longer stay until they can be placed in the right home.

The fee assigned to a particular animal does not reflect our view of that animal’s value. Every kitten, cat, puppy, dog or other small mammal is valued equally here. Every pet that comes to our doors deserves—and receives—the same tender care as every other.

If the dog or cat you have selected has a higher fee than some others, keep in mind that the amount still represents a good value.

All adoptable dogs are already microchipped. We also offer and recommend microchipping for any cat adopted from HHHS:
$10 – Microchip implant as a permanent form of identification that even the trickiest of cats can’t loose! Any pet who was adopted from HHHS can be brought back to the shelter (please schedule an appointment with our Admissions department by calling 785-233-7325) and microchipped for this price.

We also offer microchipping for any animal not adopted from HHHS for $40 (please schedule an appointment with our Admissions department by calling 785-233-7325).

We hope to see you soon at Helping Hands Humane Society!

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