All adopted dogs/puppies must leave in an appropriate dog carrier or on a collar and leash; all adopted cats/kittens must leave in an appropriate cat carrier.  Adopted animals will not be allowed to leave the shelter without meeting this condition.

Please note: Individuals who have surrendered a pet or adopted and returned a pet must wait a minimum of two weeks from surrender/return of pet to consider adoption.  After the minimum two weeks is up, a supervisor will review the surrender/return case and determine if the individual will be eligible to adopt.

Steps Toward Adoption
Must be 18 years of age to adopt.
If you are thinking about adopting a new family member, you have come to the right place! Helping Hands Humane Society (HHHS) takes in over 6,000 animals in a year. Whether you are looking for a canine, feline or even a hand-held pet, we are sure to have a new best friend for you.


HHHS employs trained Adoption Counselors to assist you with selecting the right pet for your family and lifestyle. Our experienced staff works with potential adopters to make sure we are placing animals in the appropriate environments and to ensure lifelong matches.

We invite you to walk through our kennels and to view our animals available for adoption. We always have a wide variety of pets. We are sure to have at least one you will fall in love with!

Adoption Process

Please be advised that the adoption process can take a minimum of one hour. Adoptions end 30 minutes before the shelter closes everyday. The following steps are necessary for adoption through HHHS:

1. Walk through the kennels to get an idea of which pets you may be interested in visiting. Please do not touch the animals as you walk through the kennels. Disease can be spread very easily with your hands if you touch animal to animal.
2. Keep an open mind! Don’t judge an animal by the way it acts in the kennel. Remember, these animals are in an unfamiliar place that is stressful to them. Some dogs bark simply because they are excited to see you and want attention, but this doesn’t mean they will always bark at home.
3. Before you can visit with any of the animals you have seen, you must fill out an Adoption Profile. Adoption Profiles must be approved by an Adoption Counselor. The profile helps the Adoption Counselor learn more about your lifestyle and needs so they can match you to the right pet. Your profile will be kept on file for 90 days.
4. After your profile has been approved, an Adoption Counselor will bring the animal you have selected into a “Get Acquainted Room” where you can visit with the animal. We ask that you bring your children and other family members to meet with the animal to ensure that it is a good match. Most of our animals come to us as strays and we know little about them or their history. We cannot always be sure on how they will blend with children, other family members, and other animals in your household. We do not want to put anyone in a risky situation at home.
5. Once you have found the right pet for your family, there is paperwork and fees that must be paid to finalize an adoption. All animals adopted from HHHS are sterilized before going to their new home.
6. Lastly, enjoy the new member of the family! They brought us plenty of happiness while they were in our care and we know they will bring you an entire lifetime of joy!

Adoption Fees
*All adopted animals must be sterilized before going home

8 weeks to 4 months:  $250
5 months to 6 years:    $150
7 years +:                       $75
High Profile Pets:        $250+

8 weeks to 4 months:  $100
5 months to 6 years:    $50
7 years +:                       $25
High Profile Pets:         $125
Barn Cats                        $5

High Profile Pets

Attaching higher fees for some of our puppies and dogs gives us additional resources to provide extra help to other animals—those that may require unusually extensive medical treatment, orthopedic or other surgeries and extended care, and even more. Meanwhile, we can continue to provide our standard top-quality care and support to those animals in need of more routine medical care, socialization, behavior training, foster care, or that may just require a longer stay until they can be placed in the right home.

The fee assigned to a particular animal does not reflect our view of that animal’s value. Every kitten, cat, puppy, dog or other small mammal is valued equally here. Every pet that comes to our doors deserves—and receives—the same tender care as every other.

If the dog or cat you have selected has a higher fee than some others, keep in mind that the amount still represents a good value.

It goes without saying that no matter where our adoption fees are set, they don’t come close to covering all the costs of caring for over 6,000 animals that come to us each year. Generous donations make up the difference. Thank you for your support and understanding.

*Rabies vaccinations are not necessarily included. Please discuss an appropriate vaccination schedule with your veterinarian.

We also offer and recommend microchipping to any pet adopted from HHHS
$25 – Microchip implant as a permanent form of identification that even the trickiest of cats and dogs can’t lose!
Adoption fees for other types of animals:

$ 5 – Rodent
$10 – Rabbit
Price varies – Domestic Bird
$50 – Ferret, Reptile

We hope to see you soon at Helping Hands Humane Society!
Kennel Hours
Monday-Saturday 11:30am-6pm
Sunday 1-5pm
 Dogs and cats entering the shelter are given vaccinations upon arrival to help prevent them from getting sick. Unfortunately, it takes a vaccination 24 hours or more to boost the immune system. During this time frame, an animal can be exposed to different viruses or diseases such as kennel cough. We do our best to treat every animal when they show signs of illness, but many times they are adopted first.
Please consider a donation toward a worthy cause.

Breed Research
HHHS strongly encourages anyone considering pet adoption to research different breeds for possible matches that fit your lifestyle and household. Canines and felines have a wide range of behavior, health, and other traits that can be predicted by their breed. We want to ensure life-long matches for our pets, we want your home to be their last home.   Please contact our knowledgeable Adoption Counselors at 785.233.7325 during business hours or email us at