Training Classes

Training Classes at HHHS

*Classes typically last one hour.  Dates and times may change.  Payment is the only way to secure a spot in class.  For questions regarding Petiquette training classes, please contact Kathy at

Petiquette 1  $100 for 6 weeks/ meets once per week – for dogs and puppies of any age!
Tuesdays:  May 11th – June 22nd;  7:30pm   *No class June 8th*   FULL!
Saturdays: April 10th – May 22nd;  9:30am   *No class April 24th*   FULL!

Petiquette 1 Express $100 for 3 weeks/ meets twice per week – for dogs and puppies of any age!
Tues & Thurs:  May 4th – May 25th;  6pm   *No class May 6th*  FULL!

Petiquette 2 $100 for 6 weeks/ meets once per week (Prerequisite: Petiquette 1)
Thursdays:  May 20th – July 1st ;  7:30pm   *No class June 10th*
Saturdays:  Dates Coming Soon;  10:30am

Dog Tricks 1 – $100 for 4 weeks/meets once per week (Prerequisite: Petiquette 1)  Challenge and stimulate your dog’s mind with our Tricks class!  Learn 6 fun, interactive tricks that will help manage your dog’s mental and physical energy.  The class is also a good bonding activity for you and your dog.
Thursdays:  Dates Coming Soon!;  7:30pm

Reactive Rover – $150 for 6 weeks/meets once per week. Class size limited; NO DOGS ON FIRST DAY OF CLASS.  This class is for dogs who exuberantly and consistently lunge and bark on leash (or at doors and windows at home) when they see other dogs/people. Using positive reinforcement, we will modify these behaviors by teaching them to focus on their handlers and engage in calmer behaviors. This class is not for dogs who show aggression towards people or dogs. Handlers must be physically able to control their dogs on-leash.
Saturdays:  DATES COMING SOON! Noon

CGC (Canine Good Citizen)  $100 for 6 weeks/ meets once per week (Prerequisite:  Petiquette 1 and 2)  For more information, please contact Tanya at
Saturdays:  Contact Tanya at for schedule 

Puppy Petiquette (puppies 8 to 20 weeks old)  $100 for 6 weeks/meets once per week – Enrollment is an “open enrollment” – you may begin on any Wednesday.  Please enroll online or in the shelter Gift Shop.
Wednesdays at 6pm  *No class March 31st*

Tweens Petiquette (puppies 5 to 9 months old)
Our Tweens class is for adolescent dogs between 5-9 months who are too old for puppy class but still have many puppy behaviors like mouthiness, jumping, difficulty potty training, focus, or any other puppy behavior. In this class, we predominantly focus on these issues and on socialization, but we’ll also introduce you and your adolescent to basic obedience cues.  NO DOGS ON FIRST DAY OF CLASS.
Wednesdays:  Dates Coming Soon!;  7:00pm  


6 week class for $120
AGILITY  $120/ meets once per week for 6 weeks
Prerequisite:  Petiquette 1 or similar course work

Beginners:  April 26th – June 7th;  6:30pm; Mondays  *No class May 31st*  
Intermediate: April 26th – June7th; 7:30pm;  Mondays  *No class May 31st*

Enroll at HHHS to reserve a spot today!
Lynn Morgan from Agility Directions is teaming up with HHHS to offer agility classes at our shelter. Agility is the ultimate game for you and your dog. It is an activity that strengthens the bond between dog and handler and provides fun and exercise for both. Agility boosts the confidence of both dog and handler, too. We encourage people of all ages to sign up for the class with their four-legged friend. You will not be disappointed with the fun you have learning this fast-growing sport with your dog! NOTE: Dogs must be 8 months of age to take the class.

Ohana Dog Training LLC

Tanya Walsh, MA, ABC-DT, is a certified positive reinforcement dog trainer. She is the owner proprietor of Ohana Dog Training LLC. “Ohana” is Hawaiian for family and her goal as a trainer is to give dogs and humans the tools so that “Fido” becomes a happy, lifelong member of the family. Tanya is also one of the Pets librarians at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, so you can often find her and ask her questions at the Reference desk. She is a member of the Heartland Positive Dog Training Alliance and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. When not at the library or at training classes, she enjoys reading, music, and most of all, hanging out with her Great Pyrenees, Beckett.  If you need to contact Tanya directly, please email her at

Travis Sieve

Travis is certified to teach the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen course, has been working with HHHS to help train shelter and adopted dogs for years, and offers one-on-one training classes with HHHS for those special circumstances that call for it. Contact Travis directly at

He trains with his partner in crime, Shimmy, by his side. She is an HHHS alumna; Travis adopted her when she was just a puppy, and she’s been working on obedience, agility, and tricks ever since. Travis believes in educating dogs and their guardians on the best way to communicate to help build a strong bond and make having a pet an enjoyable experience for everyone.