Hakuna Matata! It means no worries, and nobody is better at helping worries melt away than a playful kitten or cuddly cat. We currently have 120 wonderful cats and kittens at Helping Hands Humane Society looking for homes of their own. They are each just $25 to adopt through Monday, July 22nd in honor of the fact that it has been 25 years since the original Lion King movie came out in 1994. We hope the new Lion King film inspires you to adopt your own mini lion for your living room!

Emi Griess, Communications Coordinator, says, “We are in the thick of kitten season right now, so there are tons of kittens as well as many amazing adult cats in need of loving families. Most of these kittens have been raised in foster care, so they are well-socialized with people and often other animals, are consistently using the litterbox, and will be the perfect addition to almost any family! $25 is such a great adoption fee for all that is included—you can take two kittens home for just $50!”

If you are thinking about getting a kitten, two may be better than one. Rather than resulting in double trouble, two kittens will do a great job of keeping each other occupied. Kittens have so much energy, are constantly curious, and are very active at night when you’re trying to get rest. A friend gives them a companion for all that energy and when you aren’t available to entertain them. Many of the kittens have littermates or roommates at HHHS they already love.

If you’re interested in adopting, please come to the shelter (11:30am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 1-5 Sunday) or call 785-233-7325 and ask to speak to an Adoption Counselor. Our adoption staff members work hard to make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible, helping to match you with the right fit for your family and giving you important information that will help make the adjustment to a new home smooth and successful.