Helping Hands Humane Society Is Raising Funds For $1,615 Worth Of Heartworm Treatment For Six Homeless Dogs Who Tested Heartworm Positive And Hopes To Educate The Public To Lessen The Prevalence Of Heartworms In Our Community

Heartworm treatment is not new to Helping Hands Humane Society. However, recently the number of heartworm positive dogs entering the shelter within a short period of time has shocked staff and put a strain on the heartworm treatment budget. Luckily, some of HHHS’s rescue partners have been willing to take in a few of the heartworm positive dogs and treat them. Even with those rescue transfers, there are still six dogs in HHHS’s heartworm treatment care.

One of those dogs is Stormy, a 7-year-old female Shih Tzu mix whose best friend, Pippy, did not test positive. HHHS’s Veterinarian, Dr. Jami Grace, says, “Stormy is getting treatment and is part of a bonded pair, so her friend Pippy gets a treat every time Stormy gets her medicine so she doesn’t feel left out!”

Communications Coordinator, Emi Griess, says, “We have already raised $550 through one Facebook post for these dogs’ treatments. We are always astounded and grateful at the way our community never fails to step up and help pets who need it most. Month after month animals enter our shelter with extensive medical and behavioral needs, and with the help of our supporters we are able to fill those needs.” You can donate online or in person!

Another important part of HHHS’s mission is educating the public so we can all give our companion animals the best possible care. Dr. Grace wants pet owners to know that “A fatal heartworm infection can be caused by only one infected mosquito bite. Any dog or cat is at risk. Prevention is the key; there are monthly pills or topicals, and there’s also a six-month injectable product. The damage that’s done to the dog and the cost of the treatment is much more than the cost to prevent heartworm disease.” Protect their hearts—talk to your veterinarian.