Through Sunday, March 17th, any Pit Bull mix at HHHS will only be $75 to adopt. This includes puppies and any canines who have Pit Bull listed as their primary or secondary breed at the shelter. We are open for adoptions from 11:30am-6pm each day except Sunday, when we are open from 1-5pm. We stop new adoption processes 30 minutes prior to close, so get here early!

We currently have about 44 dogs available for adoption, 17 of which are Pit Bull mixes (or “Pibbles” as we like to lovingly call them). They range from 10 weeks to 5 years old. Because Pit Bull is really just a type of dog that could be a range of breeds (American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, etc.) they can vary a lot in size and looks as well. We have a female, Aleera, who is about 40 pounds and a male, Duke, who is 67 pounds. Syphera has striking blue eyes, Russ has the cutest ears, and puppy Marvel just wants to be in your lap at all times.

Adoption Coordinator Marrissa Stark says, “I’m really excited about this ‘St. Pitty’s’ special because we have so many Pit Bull mixes right now that get overlooked because of their breed. This special is a way to celebrate them and to help get them the recognition they deserve! Hopefully they all get to find their lucky charms this weekend!”